Since 1993 Spa World of Fort Collins has been passionately dedicated to providing the best quality American-made hot tubs and spas that offer the most value and satisfaction for our customers.  Founded by Kurt Kniegge in 1993 Spa World found satisfaction in serving northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Kurt and his business partner Craig Dewey built the spa world’s reputation by always putting the customer’s needs before anything else. Spa World continues that way of business to this day 30 years later. Kurt is still involved in all aspects of the day-to-day he also plays an intricate role in every customer interaction Dewey passed the torch in 2020 to Spa World’s longest-tenure employee and service technician for over 18 years. Shane Merkt has taken over as Kurt’s business partner and continues to uphold Spa World’s values and customer service. At Spa World there is owner involvement every step of the way and you can rest assured that if we will not put the product in our backyard yard we will not put it in yours we choose only the very best products for our customers. 

Exceptional Customer Service 

Our philosophy has always been to “treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.” Spa World has rewarded our commitment to making satisfied customers, being chosen four years in a row for the “Highest Customer Satisfaction” award from Maax Spas. We have thousands of satisfied customers to thank for their trust in our team.

Our Products Include: 

Experienced Staff and Superior Brands 

At Spa World, we only sell the best brands of hot tubs swim spas, and more. We love helping our customers find the very best product and fit for them. We have carefully selected the product we sell with the thought in mode that If we wouldn’t put it in our back yard we won’t put it in yours.